Places to Go in Paris

The city of Paris offers a myriad of places to see and things to do. There are many museums, boutiques, and restaurants dotted throughout the downtown area. You can also find theatres and cafes scattered all over the city. You can also enjoy people watching as you walk around the city.

Musee Rodin

If you’re a fan of the works of Auguste Rodin, you’ll want to visit the Musee Rodin in Paris. This museum is located in a grand 18th-century mansion that was once the artist’s home and studio. The museum tells the story of the artist’s life and works. The artist, by the time of his death, was already renowned as one of the greatest modern sculptors. However, it was not always an easy road. His early years were filled with hardships and he had to deal with a public that was not always so accepting of his work.

The artist’s approach to his works was innovative and controversial. His statue of Honore de Balzac created an outcry when it was first unveiled. After studying the author’s life and portrait, Rodin was able to create the sculpture, which was presented as a plaster sculpture at the Salon of Fine Arts. However, the Society of Gens de Lettres refused to accept the sculpture.

The Musee Rodin in Paris is located at 77 Rue de Varenne in Paris. Here, you can find some of Rodin’s best-known works. These include “The Poet,” which was inspired by Dante Alighieri, “The Cathedral,” “The Ark of the Covenant,” and the Hand of God and the Devil.

The Musee Rodin also features a sculpture garden, which illustrates the harmony between sculpture and nature. There are around 30 bronze sculptures in the garden, which cover the artist’s career. One of his most famous works, Balzac, was created in 1888. The garden has benches for contemplation.

Sacre-Coeur Basilica

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Paris is the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. This church is built in the late nineteenth century and offers breathtaking views from the outside. It is located in the 18th arrondissement of central northern Paris. The interior of this basilica features breathtaking murals that depict scenes from the Bible. It is possible to hike up to the top of the basilica to enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica is located in Montmartre and is a place of pilgrimage and prayer. You will find the Blessed Sacrament inside the basilica but it is not open to photography. If you do visit the basilica, take a jacket with you as pickpockets love to target unattentive tourists. There are 52 rooms within the basilica.

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica was built almost a century after the French Revolution, when the country was in turmoil. Foreign forces and clashing ideologies threatened to tear the country apart. As a result, the idea for a new basilica was born.

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica is accessible by metro from the Abbesses Station on line 12. You can also take the funicular railway from the Abbesses station to reach the basilica. The ticket is the same as for a metro.

If you have time, you should visit the Saint-Pierre de Montmartre Church, which is close to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. It’s less famous than the Sacre-Coeur and is eight centuries older. Often overlooked by tourists, it features a medieval nave and remains of an ancient Roman temple. It is also the site of Saint Thomas A Becket and Saint Ignatius Loyola’s final vows.

Place Dauphine

Located on Ile de la Cite, Place Dauphine is one of the oldest squares in Paris, dating back to the 16th century. It was originally built for the Dauphin, heir to the French throne. Since then, many famous Parisians have lived on or near this square. Today, the historic buildings on the Place Dauphine have undergone many transformations over the centuries.

The Place Dauphine is a popular destination in Paris, with a quaint French atmosphere. It converges with the Pont Neuf, and features a large equestrian statue of King Henri IV. The area also features beautiful views of the Seine, Pont des Arts, and the Louvre Museum.

Located on Ile de la Cite, Place Dauphine is one of the prettiest squares in Paris. It’s a great spot for a peaceful walk or game of petanque. While the square is known as a square, it is actually triangular.

Place Dauphine is close to the Gare de Nord Metro Station and Charles de Gaulle Airport. Many US airlines now offer direct flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport. In addition to providing transportation to and from the city, the concierge at Place Dauphine can also help guests with dining reservations and other activities. For example, they can arrange for cooking lessons in the apartment’s kitchen or a guided tour of the Portes de Vanves flea market.

The place is surrounded by large red brick buildings and a lovely park. The square is officially known as Le Square Dauphine and opens onto the side of the Palace of Justice. The square is flanked by lion statues and a equestrian statue of King Henri IV.

Louvre Museum

One of the most popular places to visit in Paris is the Louvre Museum, which displays art from antiquity to modern times. Many of the pieces are French, but you will also find some from other parts of the world. Some were even acquired through illicit means. Walking around this museum is like walking through history.

The Louvre is one of the best museums in the world, and it’s well worth a visit. You’ll be guided by an English-speaking guide who will take you through the most famous pieces. Your tickets will even include skip-the-line entrance. A highlight of the museum is the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the world’s largest sculpture. It rivals the likes of David in the Accademia and the Lacoon Group in the Vatican Museums. This colossal statue is located on the Daru Staircase and has intricate detailing, making her look like she’s standing on the prow of a ship.

The Louvre Museum is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. It is the world’s largest museum and is home to some of the most amazing paintings and artifacts. Whether you’re interested in ancient cultures or modern works of art, the Louvre is well worth a visit. If you’re unsure of what to see at the Louvre Museum, try consulting a guidebook to help you plan your visit.

Another must-see in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Standing at 300 meters, this iconic landmark is one of the world’s most popular sites. Its elevator takes you to the top, and is open from 9 am to 11 pm every day. You can also visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. It is home to several famous people, including Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. It’s also one of Paris’ largest cemeteries, spanning 44 hectares.

Luxembourg Park

Whether you are on a family picnic, a romantic walk, or just want to spend some quiet time, Luxembourg Park is one of the best places to go in Paris. It is home to one of Paris’ oldest carousels, which is still in operation today, and has a huge playground with ziplines and log bridges. You can also visit the Musee du Luxembourg, which opened in 1750 and is one of the oldest museums in the country.

The Luxembourg Park is an enchanting and beautifully manicured garden that is free to visit. Located in the Sixth arrondissement, it is one of the most popular places in Paris. It contains a large greenhouse and orchard, as well as hundreds of flowering plants and trees. Visitors can attend exhibitions and events, as well as enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

If you have children, you can also take them to Luxembourg Park to see the statue of Lady Liberty. This statue, designed by a French sculptor, sits atop a pedestal surrounded by beautiful greenery. There are two different types of parks in the Luxembourg Park, one for children and one for adults. You can play chess, play basketball or petanque or have a picnic in the park’s garden. The park also hosts concerts on occasion.

For those who are looking for a quiet escape from the busy urban environment of Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg is the ideal destination. With its beautiful flowerbeds and sculptures, it’s the perfect place for rest after exploring the city. There are also beekeeping and forestry courses for those who want to learn more about the local ecosystem.

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