Things to Do in Jefferson, Texas

If you’re looking for things to do in Jefferson, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. This town is in the northeastern corner of the state, and has a population of approximately 1,875 people. It is the county seat of Marion County.

Azalea Inn

The Azalea Inn Bed & Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas is a historic home built in 1873. The three charming guestrooms have period furnishings and private baths. Breakfast is served each morning in bed. The town is home to numerous historic sites and attractions, as well as a golf course, wineries, and a riverboat tour.

The Azalea Inn is located close to downtown, and includes a wine and tea reception. All rooms are furnished individually, and there’s even a private chapel on the property. The bed and breakfast has three rooms, each with its own private bath, so there’s a place for everyone to relax.

Breakfast is served every morning at the Carriage House, which offers multiple options for a delicious breakfast. It features free WiFi and a wrap-around porch with views of Jefferson. Guests can also enjoy complimentary wine and s’mores in the evening. If you’re traveling with a pet, this bed and breakfast will also accommodate them.

Museum of Measurement and Time

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a salt and pepper shaker is made of, this family-run museum might be the perfect place to learn about them. The museum features historical timepieces and surveying equipment as well as salt and pepper shakers. It also has interactive displays about surveying and measuring.

The Museum of Measurement and Time is located in Jefferson, Texas, and is open Thursday through Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The museum is free to enter and donations are welcome. The Ingrams are true Texans and the collection includes many clocks, land surveying tools, and measuring instruments.

The museum features many items from the past, including intricately carved wood clocks and surveying tools that look like miniature telescopes. The museum also has antique rotary phones and hand-crank wall phones. There’s also a research library and a computer. The museum’s eclectic mix of items provides a glimpse into the evolution of civilization.

The museum’s collections are unique in Texas, and it’s possible to spend hours browsing through the museum’s collections. Founder Johnny Ingram started collecting odd and ends in Jefferson, Texas, and the museum is a tribute to the town’s past. The museum has been featured on the Texas Monthly television series, Texas Excess. The show explores hoarders in the state, and Ingram was interviewed by the show.

Visitors can also explore the town’s history. The historic downtown is rich with history and has many interesting museums and historic buildings. The town is home to the Howe Truss Bridge, which was built in 1897. This construction style was common in the 1800s, but fell out of favor when iron became the preferred construction material. However, the bridge still retains its structural integrity and is a picturesque place to visit. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, but Sunday trips are available for groups.

Historic Jefferson Railway

The city of Jefferson is located in northeastern Texas. It is the county seat of Marion County. The city has a population of approximately 1,875 people. It is a thriving center of commerce and technology, and a great place for families to visit. Things to do in Jefferson include exploring the town’s historical sites and museums, as well as dining and shopping.

One of the things to do in Jefferson is to tour the city’s railroad car museum. A tour lasts about 30 minutes and features the town’s history. Visitors can learn about this historic train car, which was once owned by railroad magnate Jay Gould. It was built in the 1870s and features Greek revival-style architecture.

Jefferson is also home to a historic home known as the Grove Historic Home. There is a resident ghost expert who leads tours of the house on weekends. People who visit have reported paranormal activity, so be careful. Even if the house is not occupied, it is still worth seeing.

Caddo Lake State Park is another place to visit in Jefferson. This lake has distinctive cypress trees that give the area a unique character. The lake offers great fishing and wildlife viewing. You can also rent a cabin or vacation home here and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There are many things to do in Jefferson, Texas.

The Jefferson Historical Museum is another place to spend an afternoon. The museum has four floors of exhibits ranging from old tools to beautiful art. The museum also offers boat rides on the Jefferson Turning Basin. The tours are narrated and can be scheduled by appointment or by reservation. Tours are offered year-round. Weekends are the busiest, while weekdays are quieter.

Riverport BBQ

Riverport BBQ is located in Jefferson, Texas. Its name comes from the family that settled in Jefferson more than a century ago from Lebanon. The family has run several businesses in Jefferson, including a department store, dry goods store, cafe, and barbecue joint. Stephen Joseph, who runs Riverport BBQ, says he grew up eating Middle Eastern food during family gatherings. He says there was no other place in Jefferson to find that kind of cuisine. The family’s barbecue is now served during the annual Tyler barbecue festival.

The BBQ is cooked over wood and spices, which create a great flavor. The sides are good and complement the dry rub well. The portions were large and the price was reasonable for a tourist town. We were also very impressed with the friendly service. Overall, we were pleased with Joseph’s Riverport BBQ in Jefferson, Texas.

Joseph’s Riverport BBQ is easy to find and has a friendly staff. The food is affordable, and the service is year-round. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and nice decor. It also has a 4.7-star Google review rating. You can try their ribs and sliced brisket sandwiches, and you can even try their tasty asida.

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