When it comes to lightening a person's skin tone, skin whitening soaps are some of the most common and the most affordable option for anyone. But with all the different variants and ingredients that are out in the market right now, sometimes it can be complicated and confusing to choose which one is the most effective and can get the results you seek in the shortest amount of time. 

Kojic skin whitening soaps are usually an enhancement of the basic papaya soap. They are still the orange papaya soap but with an added ingredient, Kojic acid, which also helps in whitening the skin. You can also read kojic acid soap review online via https://kojicacidsoapguide.com/kojie-san-review/.

This basically doubles the whitening properties of the soap. However, you also need to use it regularly to maintain your skin tone and complexion. With this skin whitening soap, you can see some changes to your skin in 3-5 weeks of regular use.

Glutathione skin whitening soaps are also quite effective when it comes to inhibiting the production of melanin which gives our skin the tanned or darken skin coloration.

It is recommended that when using skin whitening soaps, you supplement it with moisturizing lotion with sunblock. This is to keep your skin hydrated and protected provide some protection from the sun.

Among all these different skin whitening soaps, results will always vary depending on how often you use the product, how often do you expose your skin to the sun, do you use other products to maintain your skin tones such as skin block lotion, skin types, and many more.

What we've provided are estimates based on many different factors including the results that people are getting based on their experience. Just remember that none of these options are permanent solutions, meaning you need continuous use with any of these skin whitening soaps to keep your skin fairer and blemish-free.