Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Political News App

The avalanche of news stories that break each day can be overwhelming, but with the right apps you can keep up without getting bombarded by a ton of unnecessary content. These news apps have a knack for culling out the important stuff while still providing you with a great experience.


The app of choice for many of the most zealous partisans on the internet, Reddit provides a quick and easy way to keep up with what’s going on in the world and in your local area. With an extensive aggregation of various media sources, the ability to upvote and downvote articles, as well as a feature that lets you filter by newsrooms you like, you’ll be sure to get exactly the type of news that matters to you.

AP Mobile

The Association Press is a widely respected source of news that covers the globe. It’s free of all the glitz and glamour of other news apps, and delivers a solid, reliable news experience that gets straight to the facts.

CNN News App

The official CNN app features a wide variety of articles and tailors them to your location. It also offers a ton of video-based content that will appeal to video junkies.


The aesthetics of a fashion magazine adapted to a news app, Flipboard is an incredibly engaging news app that will make it hard to put down. Its creative design makes it easy to read stories and connect with social media, as well as a live-streaming news channel baked directly into the app that recreates the TV news experience.

Ground News

While it may be a bit less popular than other news apps, Ground News offers an aggregation of articles from a range of sources. It also has a feature that shows how biased a story is toward one side of the political spectrum, which is a nice touch for those interested in staying on top of what’s happening both nationally and locally. It’s also ad-free and allows you to save searches for later.

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