5 Outdoor Storage Shed Organization Ideas

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to organize outdoor storage sheds. They take advantage of existing wall space and give the shed a more spacious feel. They also can accommodate a variety of items, including pots and other garden items. Floating shelves can also be adjusted, allowing you to change their position to suit your needs.

Floating shelves are easy to install, and they can be easily moved from one spot to another. Pegboards are another great storage option. These are easy to move and are ideal for organizing tools and larger items. In addition, you can easily add hooks to hang your tools and other supplies.

Floating shelves also help supplement kitchen storage. They allow you to put items exactly where you need them. They can hold anything from everyday dishware to art and other decorative items. They can be installed using concealed brackets. Just make sure to mount them on wall studs to keep them secure.

Floating shelves can be built out of 2x4s or OSB walling for an affordable price. If you’re handy with tools, you can even learn to build your own shelves. The Wood Tools Workshop has a video tutorial that shows how to build a simple shelf for a shed. One of the shelves can be built in one afternoon and cost less than $40.

Plastic totes

If you have a backyard storage shed, there are several ways to organize it. You can use magnetic strips to hold paintbrushes and other small tools in order. You can also use soup cans as instant catchalls to organize various items in your shed. A jumble of loose items in your storage shed can be unsanitary and dangerous.

You can also use plastic totes for storage. These can hold smaller items like screws, nails, and other miscellaneous items. Using a plastic tote can help you keep these items organized and close at hand. For larger pieces, consider a plastic bin that can hold larger items.

If you’re looking for a more rustic look, consider using wooden crates. These can be purchased from a grocery store or thrift shop. Then, stack them throughout the shed to create an attractive look. Another great option is a bookshelf. Use it to keep gardening tools and other items. You can also decorate the top of the shelf with stick-on wallpaper. Other storage containers can be used to store random items. Make sure to label them so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Plastic totes can also be used as a container for garden chemicals. You can place them on top of a shelf or on an overhead compartment. This will keep them out of reach from curious children and pets. You can also use the overhead shelves to store random straight pieces and scrap lumber.

Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are a great way to organize small metal tools. You can also use them in your kitchen and work area. They can also be used to store important notes or keys. They are inexpensive and will help keep your shed free of clutter. Magnetic strips are also great for organizing small items like metal toys.

Putting hooks on the walls of your outdoor storage shed is another great way to organize items. They will keep your tools out of the way and also keep them organized. Another great idea is to hang hanging jars, which can hold miscellaneous items. If you don’t have room to hang large items, you can also use heavy-duty hooks or drywall anchors to secure your items to the wall.

Another great option for storage is using drawer organizers. This will keep your small tools in one place and allow you to easily locate them. You can also use mason jars for small items. By placing your tools in the right places, you can save yourself the trouble of looking for them later.

Using adjustable shelves is another great shed organization idea. These shelves can be adjusted to fit a variety of items and are cheap to buy. You can even make your own shelving. These shelves are durable and come with grated bottoms for easy rearranging.

Using every wall in a shed to organize

One of the most important aspects of storage shed organization is labeling everything. Fortunately, storage bins can be easily labeled with tape. This will help you find items quickly and easily. Another great way to improve your storage shed organization is to keep your items clean and clutter-free.

Adding shelves to the walls of your shed is another great way to maximize storage space. You can use them to store small items, or you can hang them above your work area to keep them off the floor. If you want to create even more space, you can also add pegboards to your walls. These will help you find the tools you need quickly and easily. Additionally, you can add drawers to keep everything organized.

Another great way to organize your storage shed is by using leftover PVC pipe. You can easily mount these to the walls of your shed using large plywood pieces. These slats are sturdy enough to hold heavy objects. You can also use wall-mounted screwdriver storage racks to keep your tools organized.

A paint bucket can double as a storage caddy. This is an easy and inexpensive way to organize your paint supplies. You can also turn a galvanized paint bucket into a garden hose caddy. You can drill holes in the bottom and attach the bucket to the wall. Paint buckets can also double as paint brushes storage.

Creating a system based on season

If you are looking for an easy way to organize your outdoor storage shed, consider creating a system based on season. A system can be as simple as a pegboard, or as sophisticated as creating a slat wall system. A slat wall is a horizontal system that is similar to pegboard, but it is much more durable for storing heavy items. It can hold all sorts of gardening tools and supplies. However, you should choose a sturdy shed for this system to work. Other great organizational ideas include utilizing the backs of shed doors.

Adding shelving

If you don’t have the space for a full-blown organization system, consider adding storage baskets. They’re easy to find and come in all different shapes, sizes, and prices. Make sure you buy durable, weather-resistant items that will last for years. Also, make sure they accent the decor of the outside space.

Another option for organizing outdoor storage is wire shelving. Wire shelves are more durable than wood shelves and let light into the storage area. This makes it easier to find items in the dark. Also, wire shelves stand up to moisture better than wooden shelves. You can expect to get some moisture in an outdoor storage area, so wire shelves are the best option for this kind of storage.

Another great storage solution is a hanging storage center that can double as an outdoor garden. You can line the shelves with potted plants and create a secondary garden space. You can also use plastic tubs to store your gardening supplies and toys. Hang them from sturdy metal hooks. Consider labeling each tub, so you can keep track of where you’ve placed each type of item.

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