Dead Sea Salt Is a Great Alternative For Your Bath Salts

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Dead Sea Salt Is a Great Alternative For Your Bath Salts

Israel has been using Dead Sea salt for hundreds of years as one of their key ingredients in making kabbalah, or the Jewish mystical practice of building a temple. The Dead Sea salt is also known by other names such as Seva Doresh, or D-R-E-S-H. In fact, many people today are unaware that this salt even has a non-religious use. As we shall see, it has recently been found to have some very positive benefits for the skin.

In fact, the Dead Sea salt has recently been found to have a great many healing qualities, and not just for the skin. Over the years, it has been used to help heal wounds, treat flu and even to help fight cancer. The Dead Sea salt is so rich in minerals that it is commonly known as the mineral “ice.” As it turns out, most of the minerals that are contained in dead sea salt actually come from minerals that are found in other places on Earth.

These salts are used to make a great many different products. For instance, they are often added as additives to cosmetics and bath salts. There are even some people use it as a food supplement. These days, there has been a lot of interest in trying to find natural treatments for common problems. Of course, if you want to try Dead Sea salt baths, you’ll want to look for those that are manufactured by companies that do not use any form of artificial chemicals.

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