How to Spice Up Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt and Spiced Cuisine

Bold and earthy! Salt Dish Black Truffle Salt really is the best available. It’s all natural and isn’t heavily flavored artificially at all. Natural, pure, authentic Black Truffle Salt blends the unique taste of Dark Truffles with naturally fresh sea salt crystals to produce an uncommonly sweet, almost candy-like flavor. It is a great alternative to table salt.

black truffle salts

This dish was inspired by a trip to a French restaurant where the chef was using truffle salt to garnish his famous black truffle soup. Because this is such a rich soup base with lots of flavor, it works well to top off this appetizer. This dish is simple to make, but the secret to creating it right is to use high quality ingredients. For example, the vegetables and meats should be fresher than you are likely to find locally so try to source them when you can.

If you want simple yet delectable Italian dishes, this is one of the recipes that you will love to try. The flavors meld together quite nicely and there is even a sprinkle of rosemary and thyme, to enhance the flavor of this dish. The simplicity of this meal is enhanced by the fact that you don’t need any heavy cream or bread to accompany it. There are no dairy products or heavy cream cheeses necessary to top this simple dish off either, making this an ideal recipe for those on a diet. A great way to end off this meal with a splash of flavor as well as a healthy, nutritional boost is with Italian black truffle salts, which also pairs beautifully with the veggies and meat for a delightful ending to this meal.

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