Places to Go in Pleasantville, New York

Fox Hill Farm

If you love animals and want to see them up close, take a ride on a horseback at Fox Hill Farm. It has both outdoor and indoor barns and is located in the Rockefeller Preserve. The place has several attractions for the whole family. It also has guided trail rides where you can get a great view of the village.

The Rockefeller State Park Preserve is also in the town, and is easily accessible by foot, bicycle, and horseback. It is an important bird habitat, and is home to over 200 species of birds. You can also find over 100 species of native wild bees in the area. Further, you can visit the Jacob Burns Film Center on Manville Road, a Spanish mission-style building that celebrates all things film. It offers documentaries, independent films, and foreign language films.

Saw Mill River

If you’re looking for a great place to spend your day in Pleasantville, New York, then you might want to visit the Saw Mill River. This beautiful river flows for approximately 24 miles and 38 kilometers from an unnamed pond north of Chappaqua to the Getty Square in Yonkers. Along the way, you’ll find numerous beautiful non-invasive plants, including evening primrose, Oriental bittersweet, and porcelain berry vine.

For many residents of Pleasantville, the riverfront offers a natural getaway. Its parks, restaurants, and shops are all within easy reach, but if you don’t have a car, you should use public transportation. The Saw Mill River Parkway connects several communities, so a car trip can take you to the other side of town. And you’ll probably get to see some of the newest construction projects along the Saw Mill River.

There are also a few fun activities in Pleasantville, such as the Flights Wine and Whiskey Bar, where you can enjoy some of the world’s most expensive whiskey! Or, you can watch independent films at the Jacob Burns Film Center. You can also pick up a delicious chocolate treat at Lil’ Chocolate Shop. If you’d like to learn more about the area’s history, you can visit the Pithole Visitors Center. The center includes information about the town’s history as an overnight ghost town.

There are a few ways to get to the Saw Mill River in Pleasantville. The first way is to take the Saw Mill River Road, which leads north from Pleasantville. This road is 5.2 miles long, but there are also a few sections on roads. At mile 7.4, the pathway crosses Echo Lake State Park. Towards the end, the pathway winds through Millwood.

Lucy’s Pleasantville

Lucy’s of Pleasantville, New York, is a bar and restaurant on Bedford Road. It is also a live music venue. Lucy’s has a large, comfortable patio with TVs and live music on the weekends. The establishment is popular on weekends, so it’s likely to be busy. However, it doesn’t have an outrageous price tag, with a bill typically under $15.

Lucy’s has been in Pleasantville since 2004, and has three distinct rooms. The front area is now known as “The Garage,” and the back room is the “The Basement.” The Basement is set up like a ’70s hangout, with seven pinball machines and arcade games.

Neighbor’s House

It took a while for the residents of Pleasantville to recover from the tragedy of Dec. 5. The town has a rich diversity of housing and style, from Mediterranean homes to contemporaries. The town also has its share of historical homes. There’s an interesting mix of architecture here, including some designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Pyzynski family lives in Pleasantville and has been enduring the loss of their dog. Neighbors have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for them. So far, $12,025 has been raised. The funds will be used to help the family with essentials and medical expenses.

This quaint Westchester County suburb retains many of its character, with residents fiercely loyal to their community. Doris Sharp, the village’s crossing guard, has shepherded generations of families through the town. In this charming town, children walk with their parents or ride bikes to the three public schools.

The 1.1 square mile Thornwood hamlet is home to many families, ranging from families with generations to recent newcomers with young children. The hamlet is located in central Westchester County and has a diverse population. The homes are large and spacious and have everything you need to make memories. In addition to a charming atmosphere, this hamlet is close to the bustling city of New York City and is near many amenities.

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