Songs About Losing A Child

Songs about losing a child can help the bereaved cope with the loss. “Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan and “Precious Child” by Karen Taylor Good are excellent examples of songs about loss. These songs tell stories about lost children and help grieving parents to understand why the child was taken too soon. Elton John’s “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King is another powerful song that gives comfort to bereaved parents.

‘Everybody Hurts’

In the aftermath of the death of a child, everyone feels the pain that comes with it. But the song ‘Everybody Hurts’ is not just about grief over the death of a child. It is applicable to anyone who has gone through a difficult time in their lives. The song is a powerful reminder that grief is normal and can be overcome.

The lyrics were inspired by the death of a friend. The song describes the grief and anger that comes with loss, but ultimately reaches a place of forgiveness. Many people have called the song beautiful and said it helped them get through tough times.

The song became a big hit in Nevada, a state with a high rate of teen suicide. The song was also the basis of a charity ad campaign from a U.K. counselling service. The band’s permission was also granted to use the song for an all-star charity single, which helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Although the song is not typical REM fare, the lyrics are clear and powerful. The song was one of the first songs played on the radio following the shooting at Dunblane. Radio 1 even played a version of it containing the sounds of the Twin Towers in an effort to create a powerful statement. The song also topped the charts in the United Kingdom, Australia, and France.

‘Everybody Hurts’ is another song about loss by the Green Day frontman. The song was written after a close friend was hit by a car. The friend spent weeks in the hospital after the accident. The song lyrics describe the pain and the void that it created.

‘A Mother’s Prayer’

While ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ is not a song written for losing a child, the lyrics and music do give you a sense of peace. This song is a beautiful tribute to the life of a child and the impact a child has on its parents. It is very emotional, but it also gives you comfort knowing that your child had a purpose.

The lyrics of ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ by Celine Dion are both hopeful and sad. It speaks of heaven, escape from sorrow, and play. This song gives voice to the goodbyes. It also reminds you of the innocence your child had when he or she was still a baby.


‘Miracle’ by Chris and Alyssa Quilala is a song about losing a child, but it’s also a song about faith and hope. The Quilalas lost their son Jethro in 2014, and the song was one of their most popular, moving songs. The song shows how the Quilalas’ faith and hope in God helped them get through the ordeal. Though their son was not expected to survive, they pressed on and were comforted by the Holy Spirit.

In ‘Miracle,’ the narrator laments that it’s been this way ever since life began, and that his child “lives on inside me.” Neil Young suggests that his “miracle-longing” is childish, and he’s right about that.

This song also highlights the importance of unconditional love in parent-child relationships. In the song, a mother vows to protect and love her child forever. Her love for her son is reflected in the song’s lyrics, where she promises to keep her baby boy safe and happy.

‘Miracle’ is based on a true story. A father who experienced an 18-hour labor recounts seeing the fingerprints of God in everything. Similarly, a 2004 classical-crossover song by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli recounts a mother’s earnest requests for love, guidance, and safety.

The lyric “Miracle” tells a story about a couple’s unintended pregnancy. The couple decides to keep their pregnancy and hopes for support from those around them. However, the two are left with a dilemma – between her career and her dream of having a child. However, she eventually decides that her baby is an angel from God’s grace.

‘Papa Don’t Preach’

“Papa Don’t Preach” is a song by Madonna. It is from her third studio album, True Blue. It was written by Brian Elliot and produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray. The lyrics are about the pain of losing a child.

“Papa Don’t Preach” was the first Madonna song to speak about the loss of a child. The lyrics, based on a real-life conversation between two high school girls, were written in mid-1986, and are based on an inner monologue of a girl confronting her father.

In the song, the mother and child are left to cope with their loss of a father. They begin to search for a surrogate father, and they begin to look elsewhere for comfort. Eventually, this relationship deteriorates.

Nas raps about the non-stop fighting of parents and the stress of raising children on their own. Nas’ mother, who had several children, remained at home, raising the kids alone, while his father, a womanizer who abused pot and cocaine, left the family to live the life of women. Nas grapples with the contradictions of being a father and a man, but he recognizes that he isn’t an easy task.

Despite the sombre and painful content of the lyrics, ‘Papa Don’t Preach.’ By highlighting the importance of independence, it is an important song to help grieving parents. Despite the lyrics, many people don’t know the song well. Most Egyptian women don’t know Madonna or ‘Papa Don’t Preach,’ but they are familiar with Madonna’s other songs about losing a child.

‘Everybody’s Prayer’

Losing a child is heartbreaking, but the pain does not have to be endless. There is comfort in music, poetry, and books. These can all help a grieving parent focus on the joys and memories of their child. Many of these songs focus on the hope that comes from knowing God’s love and forgiveness.

Many people are familiar with this song. Judy Garland’s version in the Wizard of Oz is iconic and very emotional. Whether you cried or were elated by the lyrics, the song is an expression of loss, and it captures the pain of losing a child. It also speaks about the struggle to move forward without a loved one.

‘Everybody’s Prayer’ was written by a country music bluegrass duo, Joey and Rory. In the song, a dying wife tells her husband that she loves him and is there for him. Sandy Lawrence wrote the song when her mother was ill. Her mother passed away before Sandy Lawrence, but left this song for her husband. The song has a special place in the hearts of all those who have lost a child.

Another famous song that focuses on the loss of a child is ‘Jesus to a Child’ by George Harrison. The song was written to commemorate Anselmo Feleppa, who had died of AIDS-related complications. Dame Esther Rantzen founded the charity ChildLine, and George Harrison donated all royalties from the song to the organization.

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