The Best Way to Organize Craft Supplies

One way to organize your craft supplies is by buying storage bins. A bin should be the same size as the supplies. Otherwise, you will lose things and end up with an unorganized mess. Large bins will only make things worse. It is best to stick to bins that are exactly the same size as the supplies.

Clear hanging organizers

Clear hanging organizers are great for storing small craft supplies. They have clear pockets, making it easy to see what is inside. They are convenient for hanging on a wall and free up floor space. You can use them to store small tools, beads, or other small craft supplies.

Depending on the type of craft you’re doing, you may want to separate the supplies by project. For example, you may want to keep paint and vinyl cutting supplies together, or organize your sewing supplies with gift wrapping supplies. Once you’ve separated your supplies by project, you can easily find the materials you need.

Another clever storage idea is to make a DIY craft supply organizer out of a wooden stool. You can easily customize this organizer by painting it with different patterned papers.


Pegboards are a great way to store your craft supplies, whether you use them for making jewelry, sewing, or scrapbooking. They can be hung in any room, and they make it easy to find what you need when you need it. Pegboards can also hold larger items, like boxes or bins. You can also hang items you use frequently, like paintbrushes, on the board.

Pegboards are traditionally made from hardboard, but they can also be made from plastic or metal. You can find a pegboard online or at home improvement stores. You can find accessories for your pegboard that match your decor, making it easy to customize it to fit your taste. They’re also great for keeping your craft supplies visible, which helps you be more creative.

Storage bins

The best way to organize craft supplies is to store them in a convenient place. Storage methods include drawers, plastic cases, and pocketed bags. You can also add dividers and labels to boxes in a case for easier identification. It is recommended that you store heavier materials lower and lighter materials higher.

To maximize the amount of space available for storage, choose square or rectangular containers. Round jars waste space and make it difficult to find the items you need. Also, choose containers that have lids. This will keep the contents clean and prevent them from floating around. Stackable storage bins are another great option.

Storage bins can also help you store multiple supplies. If you have stencils, you can place them inside a page protector for additional storage. For even more storage, you can stack page protectors and use them as labels. You can also use specialized storage solutions for different types of items. These are a great way to organize your craft supplies and keep them organized.

Rolling storage carts

Organizing craft supplies in a rolling storage cart can help you keep them within easy reach. Unlike traditional cabinets, these carts have several compartments for different items. They also come with multiple shelves so that you can store more than just your craft supplies. There are many options available to you, and you can find a cart that is perfect for your needs.

The rolling storage cart comes with numerous compartments and drawers of different sizes. It features a large bottom drawer to hold larger craft items, and two slim drawers to store your smaller items. There are also storage hooks on the sides for smaller items.

Tiered trays

Tiered trays add whimsy to your decor while also providing useful storage and extra surface space. They are a smart solution for small spaces and can be used for a variety of purposes including craft storage, entryway storage, or bathroom counter space. The three-tiered design is especially helpful for storing small items.

Tiered trays are also great for organizing office supplies. These trays can hold anything from scissors to glue, and they are a perfect way to keep them organized. You can also use them to display holiday decorations. For example, if you’re throwing a holiday party, you can create a holiday-themed tray for the guests to decorate with. For those who love greenery, you can place succulents or small cacti in these trays.

Tiered trays are also great for organizing children’s art supplies. They keep everything in reach, and are an excellent option for a home school station, homework station, or even bathroom storage. You can use a cutting machine to cut out a stencil for your tray, such as the Cricut Maker. Another excellent option is a wooden sign. These are great for holiday decor, and you can even make your own with a Cricut Maker.

Magnetic wall piece

Organize your craft supplies with a magnetic wall piece. This piece will be a convenient way to display your latest projects, design inspirations, and kid’s artwork. You can also hang hand tools such as scissors on this wall piece. The loop is the perfect size to hold the item in place.


Using bins is an easy way to keep your craft supplies organized and accessible. They are available in a variety of sizes and can fit in any storage space, including shelves and carts. They are a great way to bring order to chaos. Besides individual bins, you can also purchase kits from The Container Store that contain a variety of bins in different sizes.

The first step in organizing craft supplies is to gather all your supplies into one place. You may want to test markers, glue sticks, and other materials to determine which ones work best together. You can also consider giving away duplicates and reorganizing piles based on their categories.

Bins on wheels

While art and craft supplies can be a wonderful hobby, they can also quickly become a mess if they’re not properly organized. It can also be difficult to find what you need quickly if they’re disorganized. Fortunately, there are easy and affordable ways to organize your craft supplies.

The best way to organize craft supplies is to use bins that have dividers. Dividers allow you to store materials based on function and color. This helps you find what you need, and makes it safer for you to store sharp objects. When you’re organizing your craft supplies, make sure you have a clear way to access them.

You can use bins with shelves, carts, and wall-mounted racks to organize your craft supplies. By separating your supplies by category, you can create order from chaos. You can even purchase a starter kit at the Container Store, which comes with 20 different bins.

Using a rolling storage cart

When it comes to storing craft supplies, a rolling storage cart is a great option. It has three tiers, each with organizers of varying heights. It’s best to keep supplies organized by type, with each type stored in a designated zone. This will help children quickly find what they need and to remember to put things back.

You can also use plastic containers to store your craft supplies. These containers are great for holding paintbrushes, glue sticks, gooly eyes, and paper. You can even add dividers to accommodate different sized crafts.

Using a trash bag holder

Using a trash bag holder as a craft supply organizer is a great way to organize your craft supplies. Rather than using a shelf, you can hang the holder on a wall. To make the holder, all you need to do is sew the elastic on both ends of the bag. You will need a piece of fabric that is about 19″ wide by 22″ tall, and two pieces of elastic, each about 10 inches in length. You can also place the holder underneath the current trash bag.

The best part about making this organizer is that it is easy to make. If you know how to sew, you can make a holder from cotton fabric. Then you will need to attach some elastic, bias tape, and ribbon to the holder.

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