The History of Fleur De Lis Candles and Lotion

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The History of Fleur De Lis Candles and Lotion

French fashion designer, Fleur De Lis has a rich history. Born in Nice, she moved to Paris as a young girl and was a great favorite among the royalty. She studied design at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique de la Plage and then opened her own perfume store in the Carousel Shopping mall in Le Harcourt. Her talent caught the eye of Countess de Cleves, who was interested in blending elements from several styles and thought Fleur De Lis was the perfect person for the job. She hired her to design her bouquet for the Queen of France’s granddaughter, Princess Mauriceoise.

The job entailed designing several perfumes for her and the other members of the royal court. De Cleves gave Fleur De Lis a small fortune to open a perfume shop in the Carousel mall, but Fleur De Lis declined the offer. She felt that high society was out to get her and wanted to keep her work specialized. She retired to a modest cottage in La Grange, specializing in Botanical perfumes.

When Fleur De Lis began designing her distinctive scents for her employer, King Louis VII, she was able to create an extremely effective blend of floral notes, spices and fruits. Her scents included such classic favorites as rose, peach, lilac and apricot. Her aromas became so recognizable that they soon became standard items for Courtiers to carry around. Although de Cleves was working under the name of Fleur de Lis, royalty had no use for her much less for her scent. De Cleves was never given credit for developing fleur de sel.

In fact, her reputation only grew when her employer died and the throne was passed to her son. No one questioned her skills, even King Louis XIV. As long as people heard of her, she was considered a paragon of feminine grace and loveliness. She was also well sought after for her perfumes. Her work ended at that time.

Today fleur de sel continues to be the most popular perfume in the world. In fact it is often sold as an individual fragrance along with other delectable delights. The scent of Fleur De Lis is so recognizable that many people will buy just that one bottle of fleur de sel to give themselves a sophisticated, timeless smell. It is a scent that everyone can appreciate. It is a scent that is appreciated by all, regardless of social status or economic status.

In today’s fashion world, people often try to match their clothing, footwear, purses and accessories to their personality. This has been especially true for the beauty industry. Many women will spend thousands of dollars on personal clothing in order to enhance their appearance and to look like a million bucks. There are celebrities who have their own lines of personal clothing that they sell exclusively through fashion shows and catalogs. Then there are the models who have their own lines of clothing and accessories. There are even the dancers and entertainers who have their own lines of clothes and shoes that they advertise and sell.

With fleur de la lis being such a recognizable trademark of France, it has become somewhat of a collector’s item in itself. Many people prefer to buy their own bottles of this delectable scent, but it is often very difficult to find them. Most are kept in private collections in jewelry boxes, attics and basements. Those who can locate them will pay handsomely to obtain these precious bottles of Fleur De Lis. Even though you may be able to find some fleur de la lis products for sale at department stores, specialty boutiques and flea markets, you will almost always have a much easier time locating original fleur de la lis candles and lotions, in their original bottles.

Other items with the fleur de la lis logo include; hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, purses, jewelry, hair accessories, and shoes. The most common gifts that are made with these products are birthday or Christmas presents. Everyone who receives fleur de la lis merchandise is bound to be delighted. This delectable scent has been enjoyed by countless generations of women all around the world. As long as mankind exists, women will love, treasure and use this delightful symbol.

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