Website Chat Bots – What Are They?

website chat bots

Website Chat Bots – What Are They?

There have been a lot of developments in the realm of website chat bots over the last few years. In fact, if you go online you can find a chat bot for almost any program that you can think of – music sharing, games, chatting, and many others. In a sense, they are very similar to instant messaging programs in that they allow you to talk to someone who is either online or offline. You may be wondering how websites using these chat bots make money. That is simple. They let you use their bot for free and it makes you money in the process.

There are two basic types of website chat bots that you will come across. One is a generic one that has no customer service capabilities and the other is a conversational one that does everything that a human can do while on the computer. While both of these types of chat Bots exist, they serve different purposes and have different potential niches.

Generic website chat bots are ones that are completely generic. They will connect with any number of web applications and will engage in normal conversation with any user that happens to be online at the time. This includes both individuals that are merely browsing the Internet as well as businesses that are taking advantage of a specific niche. These generic chat bots are great because they are free and can generally be found for free on websites where people are discussing things like online auctions or tips for running a successful website.

A conversational website use case is the second type of bot. These are designed specifically to provide customer experience enhancements and to improve customer satisfaction. It will do things like provide better responses to customer questions and can generally be programmed to do things like automatically reply to messages and to forward them to others in the chat room. This is more expensive than the generic chatbot, but it is usually well worth the extra money because it can usually be programmed to provide better responses that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Thirdly, there are website chat bots that are specifically used for search engine marketing. These are also known as SEO chat bots. These are generally only available for a single company and they are aimed at increasing the number of visitors to a website rather than improving its ranking in search results. However, some websites have created tools that allow anyone to easily turn these into SEO friendly chat bots that are easy to install and that perform well.

Fourthly, there are also website chat bots that can help increase website traffic. In this case, the bot acts as a sales rep for the website. The bot will go out and try to contact site visitors that have shown an interest in the product or service being provided. The bot may try to convince these site visitors to buy the product being sold. This is generally a great way for a website owner to get extra site visitors without necessarily having to pay for advertising.

Fifthly, there are website chat bots that actually play a role of lead qualification bot. With this role, the bot directs site visitors to lead qualification pages. For instance, if a website visitor is interested in learning more about real estate, then the sales rep on the website might direct the visitor to lead qualification pages that offer information on buying homes. As soon as the visitor agrees to purchase a home, the sales rep will begin to receive leads, which will eventually be converted into sale transactions.

Sixthly, there are website chat bots that are able to take part in conversations. If a conversation takes place between site visitors, a lead qualification bot will take the conversation and convert it into leads. This can help increase the number of site visitors. However, when conversing among other site visitors, these Conversational Bots will not be very helpful because they cannot interact.

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